The Importance of Branding

In the cogs of the economy, there is a place for all, from the giants in industry right down to the small company. To add purpose though one needs to understand how our contributions can add value. This brings about self worth and the appreciation of our work.   Adding value to what we do helps to grow our business and understanding of where each company fits in the grander scheme of things and how we can help each other reach higher goals.

When we were choosing our company name, we wanted a name that offered solutions to problems, that showed a clearer way of doing things.

Pathfinder: “a person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path or the way”.

Pathfinder synonyms are pioneer and trailblazing. We felt that this company name would help us to keep in the forefront of our mind how we wanted to conduct business.   Having a brand, company name and motto helps us to pave the way of our ambitions. We know that standing still is not an option, reinvention, finding new ways and being competitive are key in the route to success. Our marketing design agency helped us fulfil this front of house image and we cannot stress enough how important this has been in the development of our vision. It has reinvigorated our company and given us a new drive. We would certainly advise any company out there who feel they need some impetus to look at how they are portraying themselves to the outside world. Good agencies like Kiss Design can make a world of difference.