Creativity & Problem Solving

Creativity and problem solving is key in making sure we are prepared for any freight permutations that are thrown at us. The old saying you cannot stand still has never been so true. Looking at our business, we need to make sure we are always looking forward, exploring new routes, new ways of shipping, more efficient ways and also examining how we can serve our customers better.

The relationships we build with our suppliers and customers alike are built on trust and transparency. It is important to demonstrate this at all times: no tricks and no lies if things go wrong. We believe this formula has enabled good retention in both camps. These strong relationships have seen us grow alongside our customers and enabled our suppliers in turn to grow too. This is fundamentally important to the growth cycle of our economy.

A freight forwarder builds and fills the gaps, providing a service that can be tailored to each customers’ requirements, helping them to fulfil orders and by becoming an extension of the image they wish to create with their own clients. By being flexible, we can use the best routes in the most cost-effective way. We can also maximise space within vehicles and make sure we use vehicles that will cover the shortest distance to deliver shipments. This efficiency is also eco efficient too; a win, win. Handling is inevitable for smaller shipments, but we try to limit this where possible. In the current climate, keeping costs down are paramount in overseas marketability. It is a fine line between cost effective and cheap, the latter being a tip in the balance of potential disaster and loss of business. We drive continuously for the former.