Brexit Freight Implications

The elephant in the room: Brexit and the implications for the freight industry.

How do we prepare for something that is so unclear? Whilst freight continues to flow through the ports and the channel tunnel, the big question on all our minds is:

“How will this change the freight industry after 11pm on the 29th of March 2019?”

No-one knows if things will continue without a blip or not, or whether we will experience what is demonstrated in the above image but taking measures to combat the worst possible outcomes is most certainly a good decision. It might be worth stock piling supplies where possible, optimising and pushing for greater sales prior to leaving the EU so that stock on both sides of the channel is available in enough quantities to override any potential delays, and realistically there will be some delays. Certainly, there is talk that larger businesses will do just that. For perishable goods, these options are not so easy and finding alternatives in and out of the UK may be a good way of minimising this impact. Customs procedures will need to be very efficient and preferably automatic for the fluidity of traffic to be maintained.

We here at Pathfinder International are in close talks with several of our agents at the ports and we will be looking for a smooth transition and we will keep our customers informed on ways that we believe will help to make sure their businesses continue to thrive.

As always, we will work alongside our customers to provide the best possible service at the best possible rate.