Pedalling through the madness

Debs and I have certainly been rather busy of late. We have both taken up road cycling in the past year. Mid life crisis you might say? Maybe. It is certainly cheaper than our other passion: skiing. And a lot easier to practice in the UK! We endeavour to cover as much mileage per week as weather and work will allow. It keeps us fit, and we are both finding that we feel more energised during the day. This helps enormously to get us through busy days, and stressful ones too.

On a more personal note, we have taken part in many cycling events this year to raise money for a dear friend who is battling breast cancer. Chemotherapy has a devastating effect on a person’s body, and has left our friend unable to work. Unlike Pathfinder, which continues to tick along if one of us can’t make it in, she does not get paid if she doesn’t work.

Added to this the stress of coping with the increased cost arising from her treatment, and making sure that her little boy has a normal as possible childhood, we have decided to try and alleviate some of her financial burden. To date we have raised £1300.00, and we are hoping to increase this figure. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor us and we will send you the link.

There are little things we can each do to make other people’s lives better and we believe that this is an important part of keeping a balance in life.