August shut down mayhem: coping strategies

In August, with temperatures soaring into the forties, most Southern Europeans turn their backs on work and exit en masse to the coasts – for many this will be their only holiday of the year. It is a time of celebrations and families uniting. In the meantime, the cities become ghost towns with very few shops open, apart from tourist ones. Freight transport grounds to a halt and the last international departures will leave to and from these countries on the 4th of August, quite often not starting up again until the beginning of September.

This is not always convenient for Northern industries and businesses that need to be supplied and have orders to fulfil. This needs to be planned ahead. July is always a busy month making sure that supplies are kept high to ride the lull of August. However, quite often, forward planning fails, for various reasons, and then there is a dilemma. There are solutions: all is not lost. Many exporters and importers in Italy, Spain and Greece retain a skeletal crew, or at least are willing to ship any last minute orders. The express world does not sleep, ever. You do have to bite the bullet and pay more than your usual rates. However express is becoming quite common in International transport and this is driving the rates down. With the demand for vans increasing, when minimal stock is being kept on site, we can offer the most cost effective solutions all year round. So when panic sets in, take a breath and know that we have the solutions to all your transport problems.